The Cube

The Cube is an invention like no other.

It was designed for the purpose of carrying a dog without the need of a conventional trailer and fits straight onto a tow bar as a safe and practical alternative for transporting your dog.

The cube was an ingenious design by Keith from way back in 1991 and infact won him the prestigious Engineer of the year award in 1992.

These have been tested by both the RUC/Northern Ireland Prison Service technical teams and were passed fit for purpose to transport their working dogs.

They were also tested for carbon Monoxide in 92 at the request of Francis Fox who was head of the USPCA and passed with flying colours testing having been carried out in QUB Belfast.

To date in excess of 5000 units have been sold.


Key Features:

  •  Sizing: 36" x 24" x 24"
  • Galvanised angle iron framework
  • Inside and outside lockable doors
  • Fits standard hitch - (not a swan neck)
  • Sheeted in thermo insulated aluminium
  • Comes complete with rubber matting

Cost: £295.00 - Plus Delivery